Our Vision

The Rescue Sunflower Project is a grass roots movement founded by The Grateful Doggies Rescue Family in hopes to channel the energy and resources of the public and fellow rescues to find a solution once and for all for the unnecessary deaths of dogs in U.S. shelters that average 750,000 each year.


Each day our family along with rescues across the country, pour our hearts and souls into our mission to save the many dogs in need in shelters before they are euthanized, what if we stopped the problem at the roots? Unity is the most important thing lacking amidst all of the amazing rescue efforts and we want to bring everyone together, united as one force looking to end the problem for good.


The project focuses on a future of control with the situation in shelters across America. A future where dogs do not get euthanized because there is no space and no resources to help them find a new, loving family and place to call home ….forever.


Through the beauty of Sunflowers,  we as a nationwide family will memorialize those lives lost, make the public aware to end ignorance and continue to grow until we’ve reached our goal.  As we grow, inch by inch, the momentum grows and our goals expand.


Unlike big corporate fundraisers, 100% of proceeds goes directly to the cause in the form of support and funding for rescues with complete transparency to make this dream a reality.

















Most kill shelters have rescues in the surrounding area that work tirelessly to get the dogs out of the shelters that are slated to be euthanized each week.  So many are underfunded, if funded at all, and have limited resources to support their mission.  These front-line rescues are so crucial to the entire rescue process and seldom do we see them have the necessary support.  These grants will be distributed to established rescues that apply or are nominated by the public so that we may help them build a better foundation to grow.  We want to provide legal help to set up an official 501c3 organization, so they can qualify for food banks, grants and are able to accept donations legally for their cause.  We also want to provide training by professional grant writers to help them seek additional funds for growth.  We would like to provide them with a computer and software for accounting, vetting records and networking as well as internet service if needed. Training by veterinary professionals so they may be able to identify illness before it becomes a larger issue or spreads.  Provide a microscope and starter kit for fecal exams so simple issues such as worms and parasites are taken care of immediately at a low cost.  Training to perform basic testing and give vaccinations when the funding isn’t there for a vet visit.  We want to give them everything they need to be the most successful first responders to the dogs in the shelters.  This will allow more to be done prior to departure, moves the process along faster, uses less resources and keeps the spread of illness to a minimum.







This project is for the dogs, a movement to memorialize those lives lost, make the public aware of the problems and grow as a nationwide family until our collective goal is reached.  We invite you to join the movement by helping us spread the word and gain momentum and support on a national level so we all have the resources to move further, to grow until there is no longer a problem in the U.S.


As a small rescue organization ourselves we often find it difficult to apply for grants. We see it as an unfair cycle, to receive most grants you need funding to hire a grant writer to successfully do so. This allows for the big rescues to get bigger while many of the small rescues miss the opportunities for growth. We aren’t discrediting the larger rescues whatsoever, we just want to ensure every honest rescue, regardless of size, has the same opportunity to take their efforts to the next level. We are a true grass roots organization that is comprised of hands on volunteers that know most dogs in our care nose to nose.  We are often so overwhelmed with the everyday love, care and maintenance of the dogs in our rescue in addition to our regular lives that it’s hard to find the time to sit down and not only seek out the grants but to properly apply. Our goal here is to make it easy to apply and not base the distributions of funding on your writing skills but by what you do each day as a rescue to save lives and what your goals are in the future to do more.


The requirements to qualify for either the Spay/Neuter Grant or the
Heartworm Grant
are simple and as follows:


-Spread the word about the RESCUE SUNFLOWER PROJECT by posting about the movement through social media (Facebook/Instagram/Twitter) minimum one time a day for 30 of 60 days between April 1st and June 1st  2018 (this can be done before submitting application and proof can be shown via screen shots)

-Have a registered 501c3 Rescue Organization in operation of 1 year or more

-Have receipts or paperwork that display the number of dogs you have altered in 2017 for Spay/Neuter Grant and/or the number of dogs you have heartworm treated in 2017 and receipts for heartworm preventatives you have purchased for the Heartworm Grant.

-Have an organization that all the members have compassion for dogs, the intentions to work together with other rescues and the drive to grow until we reach our goal.


To qualify or to be nominated for the Rescue Growth Grant all you are required to do is let us know what your organization currently does to save lives, what you need to become better and what you need to save more lives.


To apply for any grant or nominate another rescue for a grant please complete the following contact form and we will forward you the appropriate application to be filled out and returned by no later than June 2018.  The grants will be distributed on or before 12/31/2018,


The grants will be awarded to the rescues deemed as the best candidates by a panel of a minimum of 10 people in an unbiased nature.  Decisions will not be made regarding numbers so each and every rescue regardless of size will have an equal chance.  The total net funds collected will be divided equally for all 3 grants. The funding for each grant will be awarded to rescues in the order we have nominated them until the funding has all been distributed.  Both Spay/Neuter and Heartworm Grant recipients will receive funding for 50% more than the previous years count that was submitted.  The amount awarded per dog for Spay/Neuter will be $125 per dog and for Heartworm Treatment is $350 per dog and can only be used for those procedures specifically.  Funds will be distributed to participating providers as directed by recipients.  Receipts for each and every procedure must be provided .  All funds not used by 12/31/19 will be returned to the fund for the following years distribution.  More details will be provided upon application.

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